Viper Pilot Helmet

“Blue Squadron… Let’s show the Fleet how a launch is done.”

Our build of a WeLuv3DFX Colonial Viper Pilot Helmet.

Fiberglass shell with a resin chin guard. Custom painted. Warm LED lights provide a vintage look similar to the grain-of-wheat bulbs the original production utilized.

Weights nearly 5 pounds.

Utilizes (1) 9v user replaceable battery.

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Viper Helmet


11 Replies to “Viper Pilot Helmet”

  1. I want one! You should set up an e-mail notification list to let us know when it is ready for purchase. Take my money!

    1. The helmet is a part of our personal collection along with other items featured on this site like the Metron Device, Starchaser Helmet and C.O.R.A.

      We are considering creating a foam filled resin shell Viper Helmet for sale if demand warrants.

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