Viper Pilot Helmet

“Blue Squadron… Let’s show the Fleet how a launch is done.”

Our build of a WeLuv3DFX Colonial Viper Pilot Helmet.

Fiberglass shell with a resin chin guard. Custom painted. Warm LED lights provide a vintage look similar to the grain-of-wheat bulbs the original production utilized.

Weights nearly 5 pounds.

Utilizes (1) 9v user replaceable battery.

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Viper Helmet


25 Replies to “Viper Pilot Helmet”

  1. Now that the pandemic seems to be going away, I am like dozens of others on here looking to purchase a Viper Helmet. Today is January 14, 2022. Could you include me in a mailing for the BSG helmet? Thanks so much for your time and effort. John F.

  2. Are you going forward with this? Are you offering it as a Kit? I have a Pegasus piece for one, I just need to rest of it. Hoping to get it made in time for a anniversary present for my wife next month

  3. Hello,
    When will you know if the helmets are going into production? I’d really like to get my hands on one by December 2019 in time for the Singapore Comic-Con on 7/8 December 2019.

    1. As noted below, we are holding on this project until we see how the offerings from other prop builders turn out. If they are quality offerings, we simply can’t justify the investment if those helmets from other builders satisfy all the demand.

    1. As we started to prepare for creating a Viper Pilot helmet replica, two other prop makers have announced helmet offerings. We are waiting to see how those turn out before investing additional effort in ours. If they are quality offerings, which we sincerely hope for the sake of fans, that will probably satisfy all of the demand for helmets and we will cancel our plans.

  4. I want one! You should set up an e-mail notification list to let us know when it is ready for purchase. Take my money!

    1. The helmet is a part of our personal collection along with other items featured on this site like the Metron Device, Starchaser Helmet and C.O.R.A.

      We are considering creating a foam filled resin shell Viper Helmet for sale if demand warrants.

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