Leg Computer

“We’ll navigate by scanners and sweep everything out of our path with turbo lasers.”

Core Systems has assigned you to a mission. Get from Point A to Point B by a specific time code. Don’t rely on the “end of your nose” method used by other Viper pilots, use the best navigation tool in the Twelve Colonies… the Leg Computer.

This prop replica is based on the MXU-163/P lighted pilot kneeboard, the same style utilized in the production of the original prop. The design of the spring clipboard has been replaced with an integrated map light lens for a streamlined and more otherworldly appearance.

Weighing 1 pound 9 ounces, it measures approximately 10″ x 5-1/4″ x3″ and is cast in solid black resin with a painted textured finish.

The empty trays are designed to accept either authentic Sharp EL-5804 calculators or our resin replicas. However, authentic calculators may need the sharp corners of the plastic end slightly rounded to fit.

The 3-position slide switch selects the operating mode… chasers only – off – chasers & map light.

Green, red and yellow LEDs mimic the pattern seen on the production prop and a map light,  dimmable with the side knob, shines through a clear lens.

A 1-1/2″ adjustable elastic strap with a quick release buckle is included and two soft Velcro strips help to keep this prop in place while standing (it is very prone to fall down a Warrior’s leg).

Because this replica is supported entirely by two small resin bars which hold the elastic straps, an OPTIONAL $10 snap set is highly recommend to help support the weight if worn as a cosplay accessory. The snap will be installed during assembly and a matching button included for the buyer to create a strap that attaches to the Warrior’s laser pistol belt. Strap material and a button setting tool are not included and will be required to set the button.

Utilizes (1) 9v user replaceable battery.

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