Distinguished Service Medallion

“Why bother with tankers? Go straight for their fuel base at Gamoray!”

Whether you’re a living legend or a man of accomplishment, you’ll want the proper accouterment to convey your status with style… like a boss.

First seen worn by Commander Cain in “The Living Legend” and later awarded to Commander Kronos in “Take The Celestra,” this is the first visually accurate replica of the Colonial Distinguished Service Medallion.

Utilizing vintage medals, this 2″ x 2″ resin cast is hand painted in pale gold lacquer and is ready to wear utilizing the integrated tie tacks.

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2 Replies to “Distinguished Service Medallion”

  1. Thank you for the interesting behind the scenes information!

    We call this the “Distinguished Service Medallion” because that’s the reference Commander Adama makes when awarding it to Commander Kronos in “Take The Celestra.”

    Another interesting tidbit, Colonel Boomer wears a silver version of this same medallion in “Galactica 1980.”

  2. Folks, At the “15 Yahren Reunion” Con, back in the day, I had made one of these my self and glen Larsen (r.i.p.), Herb Jefferson, Jean-Pierre Dorleac, all told me that what You are referring to as the Distinguished Service Medal is also the (in)famous “Gold Cluster” referred to in “Saga of a Star World” and “the Living Legend”. Hope this might help You with sales. Also, next month I will be buying one for my self to replace my old one which disappeared 20 years ago. Cheers

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